Yuengling Brewery Tours



Yuengling Brewery will be offering tours, free of charge, on Thursday, April 20 & Friday, April 21!

Thursday, April 20 at 10am11am12 noon1:00, and 1:30pm (not required to pre-register)

Friday, April 21 at 10am11am, 12pm, 1pm1:30pm3:30pm4:00pm4:30pm5:00pm5:30pm (not required to pre-register)

Saturday, April 22: There will NOT be race day tours available this year. 


It is OSHA mandated that everyone touring the facility must have closed shoes, no sandals, flip flops, clogs, crocs, etc. are permitted due to OSHA regulations.


Gift Shop Hours:

Thursday, April 20 from 9am-4pm

Friday, April 21 from 9am-7pm

Saturday, April 22 from 8am-3pm